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Matsuba lab

Department of Polymer Science and Engineering

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Our research interest

We have studied polymer structural formation process and detailed analysis for polymer "complicated" structure, such as hierarchic structure and so on.

The methods are in-situ x-ray/neutron scattering (elastic scattering), laser scattering, optical microscope and FT-IR. We observe very wide spacial (and time) range molecular/structure dynamics.


Associate Professor Go Matsuba
Doctor Course: 1
Master Course: 7
UG (Senior): 6
UG (Senior): 5

2016.7.30 Science Festival at Yonezawa

About Assoc. Prof. Go Matsuba

Go Matsuba

Associate Professor Go Matsuba
Ph.D (Engineering), Kyoto University, 2001

    2001.4 - 2001.6: Assistant (Kyoto University)
    2001.6 - 2003.3: Postdoc Researcher
    Polymers Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology
    (Supervisor: Prof. C.C.Han)
    2003.4 - 2004.3: Postdoc Researcher(Kyoto University COE Program)
    2004.4 - 2009.5:Assistant Professor (Insitute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University)
    2009.6 - :Associate Professor (Yamagata University)


Polymer Properties, Polymer Structure, Detailed Analysis,
X-ray and Neutron Scattering, Polymer Spectroscopy


  1. Structural Formation Process of Polymers
  2. Phase Separation and Crystallization
  3. Crystallization under Shear FLow
Address and Contact

Address: Department of Engineering, Yamagata University 4-3-16 Jonan, Yonezawa, Yamagata
992-8510 Japan

My Room: 6th Bld, Rm 117
Students Room: 6th Bld, Rm 122

Phone and FAX 81-238-26-3053
e-mail gmatsuba(at)

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