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Polymers have played a major part in the advancement of modern society and individual human lives, and will continue to play an increasingly essential role.  The Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, in the Faculty of Engineering at Yamagata University, is recognized as one of the largest polymer research groups in Japan, and has a long-standing history of providing contributions to polymer research and education.  More than 30 faculty members belong to this department at the undergraduate level, and additionally, our department is closely related to two graduate courses — in the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering and the Department of Organic Device Engineering — at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.  In total, around 50 faculty members belong to these departments at the graduate level.  The faculty members, who have a variety of experience in chemistry, physics, biology, material science, electronics, and process engineering, are involved in conducting interdisciplinary research between basic polymer science and advanced material/technology science.  These topics include organic electroluminescence, environmentally friendly and energy creative materials, bio-related materials, food science, computer simulation (of molecular dynamics methods), precise analysis, and micro- and nano-molding.  In addition to traditional strengths in new polymer synthesis and manufacturing processes, our departments also focus on divergent research fields involving computational simulations, rheology, morphology, surface and optical characterization, nanotechnologies, and photonics.  Most faculty members participate in both undergraduate and graduate educational and research programs.  At present, we have about 500 undergraduate students and nearly 130 graduate students.


Yamagata University’s Faculty of Engineering celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010, following the establishment of Yonezawa Higher Technical School, the predecessor of the Faculty, in 1910.  At that time, the school was composed of two departments: the Dyeing Division and the Weaving Division.  In 1944, Yonezawa Higher Technical School was renamed Yonezawa Engineering College, and in 1949, this was reorganized to become the Yamagata University Faculty of Engineering.  The creation of this faculty, which included the Department of Textile Technology amongst its four departments, accompanied the foundation of Yamagata University.  In 1965, the Department of Polymer Chemistry was established, and in 1973, the Department of Textile Technology was renamed the Department of Textile and Polymer Technology.  Ten years later, this became the Department of Polymer Materials Engineering.  In 1990, four departments, including the Departments of Polymer Materials Engineering and Polymer Chemistry, were reorganized into the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, out of which the current Department of Polymer Science and Engineering was born in 2000. 
The University’s Graduate School of Engineering (Master’s Program) was established in 1964, and originally offered five research courses.  In 1999, the Graduate School of Engineering was reorganized into the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, and it now provides nine research courses under the Master’s Program.  At present, two of these programs are closely related to polymer science and engineering — those in the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering and the Department of Organic Device Engineering.
In 1993, the Doctoral Program was opened, and this now comprises a total of five courses.  Students in the Doctoral Program conduct even more specialized research.  Most faculty members in the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering belong to the Organic Materials Engineering Doctoral Program.  In line with increasing globalization, the fields of polymer science and engineering are becoming more interdisciplinary.  Consequently, the Doctoral Program provides world-leading education and research opportunities and advanced interdisciplinary views that extend beyond traditional frameworks.

Faculty members

Please add @yz.yamagata-u.ac.jp to the E-mail address. The list includes the menbers of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering (Department of Polymer Science and Engineering and Department of Organic Device Engineering).

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Hiroshi ITO Profile URL Seeds 6-113 3081 ihiroshi
Shuji OKADA Profile URL Seeds 2-106 3741 okadas
Seigou KAWAGUCHI Profile   Seeds 2-305 3182 skawagu
Junji KIDO
Distinguished Research Professor
Profile URL   10-505W 3052 kid
Jiro KUMAKI Profile URL Seeds 6-317 3071 kumaki
Noriyuki KURAMOTO Profile URL Seeds 9-401-1 3051 kuramoto
Takashi KURIYAMA Profile   Seeds 6-223 3062 t-kuri
Masahito SANO Profile   Seeds 2-204 3072 mass
Tatsuhiro TAKAHASHI Profile URL Seeds 6-517 3048 effort
Junichi TAKIMOTO Profile URL   6-319 3076 takimoto
Distinguished Research Professor
Profile URL Seeds 10-305 3725 tokito
Akihiro NISHIOKA Profile URL Seeds 6-617 3207 nishioka
Hideharu MORI Profile URL Seeds 2-103 3765 h.mori
Koichiro YONETAKE Profile URL Seeds 6-519 3045 yone
Masaru TANAKA Profile URL Seeds 9-200-4 3116 tanaka
Tatsuo NISHINA Profile URL   9-300-3 3793 nishina
Fumihiko HIROSE Profile URL Seeds 7-129 3767 fhirose
Associate Professor
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Tomonori KODA Profile URL Seeds 6-615 3066 koda
Masataka SUGIMOTO Profile URL Seeds 6-419 3057 sugimoto
Profile URL Seeds 6-421 3056 sa.k.sukumaran
Kenichi NAKAYAMA Profile URL Seeds 10-402 3713 nakayama
Atsushi NARUMI Profile   Seeds 2-201 3829 narumi
Osamu HABA Profile   Seeds 2-207 3091 haba
Yong-Jin PU Profile URL   10-503 3595 pu
Katsuya MAEYAMA Profile URL Seeds 2-109 3186 maeyama
Go MATSUBA Profile URL Seeds 6-117 3053 gmatsuba
Daisuke YOKOYAMA Profile URL Seeds 10-407 3890 d_yokoyama
Simio OKUYAMA Profile URL Seeds 8-111 3282 sumio@ieee.org
Tomoya HIGASHIHARA Profile URL   9-100-3 3845 thigashihara
Akito MASUHARA Profile URL Seeds 10-403 3891 masuhara
Assistant Professor
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Hiroshi AWANO Profile URL Seeds 6-521 3046 awano-h
Haruya OKIMOTO Profile URL Seeds 2-208 3074 haruya
Hisahiro SASABE Profile URL Seeds 10-502 3924 h-sasabe
Tetsuo TAKAYAMA Profile URL Seeds 6-119 3085 t-taka
Kazuhiro NAKABAYASHI Profile URL   2-108 3749 nakabayashi.k
Kazuki FUKUSHIMA Profile URL Seeds 9-200-4 3759 fukushima
Syotarou NISHITSUJI Profile URL   6-412 3086 nishitsuji
Ken MIYATA Profile URL Seeds 6-619 3069 ken
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Kenjiro FUKUDA Profile URL   10-304 3594 fukuda
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Kyoko IMAI 6-216 3100 y.imai
Ayako AKAMA 6-216 3100 a.akama