Bachelor's course

The Department of Polymer Science and Engineering covers a wide range of courses and research, including polymer synthesis; polymer structure and characterization; chemical, physical, and optoelectronic properties of polymers; polymer processes and engineering; and polymer technology.  To make polymer science and technology more relevant to real-world problems, at the undergraduate level, this course aims to foster excellent engineers and researchers who have a wide knowledge of the chemical and physical basis of polymer science, as well as the capability to contribute to Japan’s industry with a spirit of challenge and endeavor.  This course focuses on a wide range of research covering basic polymer science and technology, and relating to both traditional and innovative polymer products and processes.


First year
              First year students attend lectures concerning “Fundamental Education,” common classes for all faculties in Yamagata University, at our Kojirakawa campus located in Yamagata city.  Simultaneously, they participate in more specialized lectures in our department, such as “Basic Organic Chemistry,” “Principles of Polymer Physical Chemistry,” and “Polymer Engineering,” to expand their knowledge in these fields of expertise.

Second year
Sophomores study at the Yonezawa campus from their second year, learning mainly science and engineering aspects of chemistry, with additional topics in a wide range of fields including physics and biology.  The sophomore program also includes a course on “Experiments for Polymer Science and Engineering” in the final half semester, to further students’ understanding of practical aspects of chemistry, physics, and polymer science.  Through these courses, they attain knowledge of basic chemistry as well as a variety of its applications.

Third year
              Three courses — “Polymer Synthetic Chemistry,” “Optical and Electronic Materials Engineering,” and “Engineering Polymer Physics” — are provided for more specialized education and experimental training for this year.  During the last half of the year, students will join research laboratories suited to their own research interests, and conduct experiments leading to their “Proposals for Projects on Polymer Science and Engineering,” which will relate to their individual graduation studies in the fourth year.

Fourth year
              Fourth year students work in our research laboratories, pursuing their own research, under the guidance of faculty professors, towards a Bachelor’s degree in our undergraduate courses.  For students who complete our undergraduate courses, the “Department of Polymer Science and Engineering” and “Department of Organic Device Engineering” run closely related graduate courses that will be of interest.

<Available Courses> 
Basic Organic Chemistry
Principles of Polymer Physical Chemistry
Polymer Engineering
Introduction to Polymer Synthetic Chemistry
Optoelectronic Materials Engineering
Introduction to Polymer Physical Properties
Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Synthetic Polymer Chemistry
Polymer Physical Chemistry
Polymer Rheology
Polymer Processing
Exercises in Organic Chemistry
Problems in Polymer Physical Chemistry
Experiments for Polymer Science and Engineering
Experiments for Polymer Synthetic Chemistry
Experiments on Optical and Electronic Materials Engineering
Engineering Experiments in Functional Polymer Systems
Seminar on Polymer Synthetic Chemistry
Seminar on Functional Polymer Systems
Seminar on Photonic and Electric Engineering
Molecular Design of Functional Polymers
Photonic and Electric Materials Engineering
Photoelectric Engineering
Chemistry of Optical and Electronic Materials
Thermal and Statistical Mechanics for Polymers
Solid Mechanics of Polymers
Physical Chemistry of Polymer Surfaces
Instrumental Analysis for Polymeric Materials
Optoelectronic Properties of Organic Materials
Organic Quantum Chemistry
Numerical Recipes for Macromolecular Science
Soft Matter Physics
Advanced Polymer Materials Engineering
Environmental Polymer Science

Polymer Synthetic Chemistry

This course focuses on education and research into the construction of functional and intelligent polymers from the perspective of their molecular structure and molecular interaction.  Emphasis is placed on molecular design and precise synthesis for novel polymeric materials showing specific and multiple functions.

Optical and Electronic Materials Engineering

This course provides students with a complete educational system, from synthesis of organic electronic materials to the fabrication and valuation of organic devices.  This group also studies structural concepts of materials, evaluation methods for coagulated states of molecules, and development of nano-materials for environmental and energy fields.

Engineering Polymer Physics

This group conducts education and research on the development of intelligent polymer materials from the view of both the macroscopic and the microscopic level.  The specific areas of research are as follows: rheology of polymers, technology of measurement and CAE in polymer processing, technology for high performance by blending and alloying polymers, design of polymer structures to gain high strength, precise structural analysis for thin-film polymers, gel and crystal food/bio-related materials, and development of new apparatus.

Graduate courses

At the graduate level, two departments — the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering and the Department of Organic Device Engineering — are closely related to polymer science and engineering.  After gaining a Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, over 50% of students enroll in one of these departments at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.  In the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, a wide range of basic research and applications of polymer science are conducted, from molecular to macroscopic levels, and from polymer synthesis to physical properties and processing.  These courses aim to foster the engineers and researchers who will lead Japan’s, and indeed the world’s, polymer industry, and who can contribute to the future of polymer science through innovation.  The courses offered by the Department of Organic Device Engineering provide a comprehensive research platform on subjects from the synthesis of organic electronic materials to the fabrication and valuation of organic devices.  In particular, the Department of Organic Device Engineering is playing a central role in research into organic electroluminescence in Japan.  The course also aims to develop researchers capable of leading globally recognized specialist research as well as fundamental studies.  Students in the graduate courses attend advanced lectures and engage in research on themes that are more specialized and advanced than those in their graduation theses.


<Available Courses in Department of Polymer Science and Engineering>
Advanced Polymer Synthesis
Advanced Chemistry of Functional Polymers
Molecular Design for Polymeric Materials
Precise Polymerization Techniques
Chemistry of Multifunctional Optoelectronic Materials
Advanced Chemistry of Biopolymers
Advanced Polymer Physics
Thermal Properties of Polymers
Physics of Polymer Crystals
Polymer Surfaces and Thin Films
Advanced Polymer Rheology
Applied Polymer Physics
Advanced Polymer Materials Engineering
Strength and Fracture of Materials
Structure and Physical Properties of Polymers
Polymer Molecular Structures
Advanced Polymer Processing
Polymers for Information Conversion
Synthesis of Organic Polymer Electronics Materials
Special Exercises in Polymer Science and Engineering


<Available Courses in Department of Organic Device Engineering>
Advanced Organic Synthesis
Advanced Polymer Reaction
Physical Properties of Organic Materials
Functional Organic Materials
Advanced Dielectric Properties of Organic Materials
Advanced Molecular Design Engineering
Advanced Interfacial Science
Optical Properties of Organic Materials
Semiconductor Physics of Organic Materials
Organic Device Engineering
Advanced Quantum Electronics
Advanced Optoelectronics
Advanced Organic Electronics
Synthesis of Organic Electronic Materials
Process Engineering of Organic Material Devices
Process Engineering of Organic Semiconductor Devices
Intellectual Property
Special Exercises in Organic Device Engineering
Special Experiments in Organic Devices Engineering